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The Ultimate Oasis

These clients were referred to us by one of our previous clients. When we met at their home we discussed everything they were looking for in their new space as well as why they wanted to renovate their ensuite.

Their existing ensuite was original to the home and neither one of the homeowners enjoyed getting ready in that space. With two kids still at home and the other main bathroom being occupied most mornings while their kids got ready for their days, these homeowners were stuck with their outdated and dysfunctional ensuite.

Here you can see their original ensuite. Nothing special by any means.

These clients were slowly updating their home and it was this bathroom's turn. They had been planning this renovation for a while and had a good idea of what they wanted. They were looking to make this ensuite a complete getaway. They wanted heated floors, a custom shower with a glass enclosure and led lighting throughout. That's just what we gave them.

We started by tearing this bathroom down to the studs and adding new insulation on the exterior wall as well as sound deadening insulation in the separating walls. After that we installed a Wedi waterproofing system for the shower area. This included a bench and a linear drain to complete the aesthetic. We also update the floor vent with an Aria flush vent pro, a sleek and minimalistic look. At this stage we also installed the in-floor heating system.

After all the prep work had been completed, we installed the drywall and tiles to start putting the bathroom back together!

Here you can see the linear drain in the shower area as well as the Aria vent in the floor! We even took the time to make sure the grout joints lined up between the shower floor and the bath floor!

Since these clients wanted a luxurious bathroom, they chose a real terrazzo tile for the shower walls. Terrazzo needs to be cut on a wet saw so the wall tile installation took longer than it would have with a porcelain or ceramic tile.

After a few days of tiling we arrived at something that looked like a shower again.

At this point we were waiting on the quartz bench top and matching window sill. In the meantime we finished the rest of the room with painting, installing the vanity, hardware and mirror as well as testing the heated floor.

To add to the luxurious aesthetic of this bathroom we opted for mitered tile corners instead of using a metal trim. This leaves the aesthetic clean and modern without your eye catching a shiny piece of metal while admiring the beauty of this tile. We use a stone epoxy to finish the miters since it adds strength and can be tinted to match your tiles color. Here you can see what the mitered edges look like.

Once we had finished our part of the renovation, we had our glass sub-contractor come out to take measurements and order their custom glass enclosure. After 3 weeks they were back to install and the bathroom renovation was wrapped up!

From start to finish this bathroom took 4 weeks (not including the wait time for the glass). It was well worth the wait and these homeowners were ecstatic about their new ensuite. With heated floors, terrazzo tile, a floating vanity and a custom glass door, this bathroom was packed with all of the best features for a luxurious ensuite. Check out the video tour to see how it turned out!

This ensuite renovation turned out perfect, and we couldn't be happier with the result. This bathroom renovation had gone down as one of our favourite to date since there were so many features and details packed into this bathroom. It required a great level of care and attention to detail.

Here are some more pictures for inspiration:


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