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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations
Designed with You in Mind

Your Bathroom Should be Unique to You!

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting project! We believe that during the planning stage of the renovation, your lifestyle and routine needs to be considered when designing the new space. Nobody wants their newly renovated bathroom to feel cumbersome or cramped. That's why you're renovating! You want a functional and beautiful space that will make your morning routine a breeze, and be your relaxing oasis.


When it comes to designing a bathroom, the possibilities are endless! Typically we start with the layout of the plumbing fixtures, as sometimes to get the most out of your new bathroom, these need to be adjusted. Once the layout is determined, we can focus on the features and finishes that you want. From custom cabinetry to heated floors we can make your dream happen.

Many homeowners wonder about what their house will look like throughout the renovation. This is a common concern and you are not alone. With Bacvar Building you can be rest assured that we will make every effort to keep your home clean and keep the project stress free. We keep your space tidy at the end of each day and try to keep your home from feeling like a disaster zone!

Bathroom Renovation Tips

It is more cost effective to leave plumbing fixtures in their existing locations but sometimes it's necessary to relocate them to achieve the result you want.

Adding a recessed medicine cabinet or a linen cabinet will add storage space to your new bathroom and will help keep the vanity top free from clutter!

Curbless showers are becoming a staple for most luxury bathrooms. While they are a great option for functionality and aesthetic, they do come at an additional cost and may require additional structural work to be completed.

Ensuite Renovation

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator

These numbers are just an estimation. They offer a good starting point but do not represent the exact cost as we need to consider all factors when determining what your space will cost to remodel.

Bathroom Renovation FAQs

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

At Bacvar Building we aim to provide our clients with as much value as possible. We are focused on building bathrooms that will last a lifetime and will not only update your home but will streamline your daily lifestyle and bring deep relaxation to those nights you need to wash away your worries. A bathroom that is built to last will typically start around $25,000. This would involve updating all of the plumbing fixtures as well as updating all of the finishes in your bathroom. If you're looking to update your ensuite into that dream getaway with heated floors and custom cabinetry, you can expect to invest $40,000 and above.

How Long Does a Bathoom Renovation Take?

Every detail matters when it comes to renovating your bathroom. We never want to rush your project just to get it done. We take pride in everything we do and truly want to delivery the best craftsmanship. Renovating a bathroom will typically take between 3-6 weeks depending on the size and features that you want in your new space.

Are there going to be surprises under the floor or behind the walls?

Without seeing your space it's impossible to predict if there will be surprises behind the walls and floors. Usually in bathrooms the most concerning area will be around the tub/shower. We have seen many showers that have started leaking and have therefore damaged the framing. This isn't always the case and there aren't many ways to tell until you open the walls or there is considerable damage on the surface of the wall. This is something we can look into during our first on-site consultation. 

Bathroom Renovations in Kitchener Waterloo

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