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The His and Hers Ensuite

This was another ensuite renovation that we completed for an amazing family. These customers were looking to update their builder-grade ensuite. This ensuite started with ample room and gave us plenty of space to give them a his and hers ensuite spa.

Like most of our renovations, this space started out as the ugly duckling of the home. These homeowners had completed other renovations in their home in the past which made this bathroom feel especially out of place. With beautiful hardwood floors throughout and a matching staircase, this bathroom stood out as the next space to be renovated.

Cramped Shower Stall

Originally, this bathroom had a dark shower stall that had a small leak in the past. The homeowners wanted to open this up and create a shower space that let more light in and had a simple, clean aesthetic. They wanted to ensure that they wouldn't have any more leaks and they wanted a worry-free solution to their new bathroom.

The Solution

To open this up and create the space they were looking for, we knew we had to ensure it would provide functionality but also timeless beauty. The homeowners agreed that this would be a great opportunity to add the curbless shower entry for added appeal. We also opted to use the Wedi shower system as we had recently started using their products and saw the value in the design of the system. The Wedi shower system is 100% waterproof and is also backed by a 10 year warranty. That gives these homeowners peace of mind that their home will be safe from water damage!

Curbless showers need to be waterproofed past the limits of the shower. You can see in the image on the right how the Wedi Subliner Dry extends well past the perimeter of the shower. This ensures that the water won't be able to wick under the tiles, through the mortar and into the floor system.

Soaker Tub

Originally, this bathroom had a built-in jet tub with a tub deck... Straight out of the 80's! That had to go! To achieve a clean look in this bathroom the homeowners chose a sleek and simple tub to compliment the shower. Minor plumbing alterations were necessary since the tub would remain in the same general location as the previous one.

A Perfectly Placed Niche

When it comes to tile installation, it takes an experienced installer to be able to execute a detail like this. Planning the tile layout before the installation is a must when it comes to achieving a perfect finished product. We believe that every niche should be placed in such a way that reduces or completely eliminates the need for awkward cuts around the niche. Here you can see how the edges of the niche line up with the natural grout lines of the wall tiles. Beautiful!

Tub Surround

A great way to bring some interest to the tub area is to add a tile surround behind your free standing soaker. Most good tile brands will have tile collections that will have the same pattern but offered in different styles. It may be different sizes or in this case they offered a textured tile that matched the floor tiles. This really made the tub area pop and also gave that area more splash resistance than drywall.

Custom Built Vanities

These custom-built his and hers vanities are a show stopper. The customers opted to use a local wood-working company to build these beautiful vanities. These vanities were constructed from solid wood and had soft-close hardware on all the doors and drawers. These vanities will provide years of functional beauty, and will make a great conversation piece with their guests when they show off their new space.

After approximately 3 weeks we had ripped out the old builder bathroom and had given our customers a brand new spa-like bathroom to enjoy for years to come. After we had cleaned up and finished our part of the renovation, they still had to wait on the custom vanities and the shower glass. This is typical since custom vanity packages like this take time to execute to this degree and the glass cannot be measured until the shower is tiled. The shower glass can take an additional 2-3 weeks to have installed after the shower is complete.

We all know that good things take time and although it can be hard to wait, these lucky homeowners will have a bathroom that will last a lifetime!

See the Video Tour Here!


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