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Basement and Bathroom Project

This customer had an existing unfinished basement that they wanted to convert into the ultimate entertainment space. During our initial consultation they communicated what they were looking to do with the space and what features they wanted in their new space. These details included a wet bar, a space that could accommodate the men's poker nights, a space for a small home theatre with a projector and a new bathroom. Knowing what this space was going to be used for helped us ensure the finished space would serve these customers well and keep the whole family comfortable, even on those action movie nights in the home theatre.

Sound Proofing

Knowing that this space would be used as a home theatre we wanted to included as many sound reduction methods as possible. This included the use of Rockwool, resilient channel and 5/8" drywall. The Rockwool works by reducing the amount of air that can

reverberate between your floor joists. After the Rockwool was in, we installed resilient channel. This product uncouples the ceiling drywall from the floor joists. This reduces the amount of sound that can travel through the floor joists. The last option that was included was 5/8" drywall on the ceiling. This will add to the sound reduction since it is thicker than the standard 1/2" drywall.

The Bathroom

For the bathroom, we worked with these clients who's friend was a designer. One detail that was at the top of their list was a curbless entry shower. Since the basement floor was concrete we had to remove the part of the floor where the shower was located and pour a new slab that was recessed.

Curbless shower, recessed shower pan, shower
Recessed slab

We opted to use the Wedi shower system for this shower which helped us achieve a curbless entry but also gave these customers peace of mind that their shower will remain water tight for the lifetime of the shower.

curbless shower pan, shower tile, linear drain
Curbless shower pan with linear drain

Two other features we included in this shower were a linear drain and a large corner niche. The linear drain added to the beauty of this shower and suited the style of bathroom these clients were looking to achieve. The large corner niche offers ample space to store all of their shower necessities. Corner niches like this can be used to fit niches into showers with limited locations for a niche.

Subway tile shower with large corner niche.

See the finished bathroom pictures below! This bathroom was a great addition to their new basement entertainment space. It gave them a bathroom close to the theatre so that they can get back to their favourite shows without missing a moment!

Other details that made this basement top notch.

Solid Core Doors.

For the doors we had to use solid core. Solid core doors offer a great feeling and also help keep each space quiet and personal. We always suggest opting for a solid door, especially since the cost difference is relatively low.

Modern Trim

The trim can really dress up the space so for this basement we chose something that was simple but modern. We chose a trim package that complemented the shaker style doors but didn't become the focus.

A Black Ceiling!

This clients friend suggested a black ceiling as it can make the space feel taller. Since a lot of this basement had bulkheads running through it the black ceiling helped make the space feel cozy and spacious. A black ceiling will also help on those movie nights by making the room darker, feeling more like a real theatre!

Here is the final result once all the furniture was added in!


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