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Luxury Ensuite Renovation

These homeowners had recently moved into this home to accommodate a growing family! This house still had some touches of the 80's from when it was first constructed. They wanted to start with their ensuite to give them a place to relax and freshen up at the start of a new day. Here you can see what it looked like before the renovations.

Since we eliminated the tub completely and relocated the plumbing fixtures we had a lot of extra space to work with. One of their top must-haves was a larger shower with a glass surround. With the added real-estate from removing the tub we were able to enlarge the shower from a 38"x38" neo-angle, to a 38"x60" walk-in shower.

Heated Floor and Curbless Entry

Another request these homeowners had for their new bathroom was in-floor heating and a curbless entry into the shower. Achieving this requires more prep work as the shower pan needs to be recessed to accommodate the thickness of the shower pan. Being on the second floor, the floor system was constructed of dimensional lumber which is the easiest to recess into. We opted to use the Schluter system for our shower and in-floor heating. This made the installation much easier and knowing that the entire bathroom was using the same heating and waterproofing system gave us and the homeowners peace of mind that it will remain waterproof and warm for many years to come.

Waterfall Knee Wall

This design element looks amazing when executed properly. This option offers a seamless and beautiful way to cap off the knee wall. It also gives the customers more room to keep their shower essentials off of the floor. We decided to extend the stone sill down the side of the wall to really give this bathroom a wow factor when you first walk in.

Custom Glass Enclosure

Typically showers today are finished with a glass enclosure. Glass keeps the room feeling open and airy compared to closing the shower off completely and only having a door. Our glass supplier includes standard details that most other companies will upcharge for. One of those features is having the corners mitred instead of a butt joint. This keeps the corner looking clean and professional. Another feature our glass company loves to included is a long handle that doubles as a towel bar and a door that swings both into and out of the shower. This lets you hang your towel on the outside of the shower but be able to easily access it once you are done. That way you can dry off within the shower area, keeping your bathroom floor dry. Nobody likes stepping in puddles after you've gotten dressed!

A Beautiful Solid Wood Vanity

The last piece to this luxury ensuite renovation. Having a good quality, solid wood vanity will make your morning routine effortless and enjoyable. Having doors and drawers that "just work" and have soft-close hardware will let you focus on you instead of wrestling a sticky drawer or a stubborn door. This one was sourced from a local auction company because of a small defect in an area that wasn't noticeable. A great way to save some money on your fixtures and furniture for your next bathroom renovation is to get thrifty and look at some of your local thrift and auction stores.

See the Video Tour Here!


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