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Kitchen Renovation in Kitchener

Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Kitchener Waterloo

Host Your Friends And Family In A Kitchen You're Proud Of

Create A Kitchen Worthy Of Hosting The Queen With A Kitchen Renovation Project

Your Kitchener home is where you've hosted many events for your friends and family. It only makes sense that it's showing signs of wear and tear after all of the lunches packed, dinners cooked and desserts served.

The cabinets, lighting, appliances and countertops will wear out after years of your busy lifestyle. A kitchen renovation is a great way to update your home while improving your daily lifestyle. Whether it's a better cabinet layout you need or more convenient features like pot fillers and pantries, it's all possible!

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Popular Upgrades For Kitchen Renovations in Kitchener

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are a popular upgrade to a dated kitchen. Having endless options for your specific needs and wants, your new cabinets will cater to your lifestyle and reinspire your love for hosting.

Custom Kitchen Island

A kitchen island becomes the center of your home. It is the central gathering point for your family. Whether it's a weekday dinner or an early Sunday breakfast, your island is where people connect. Your island will serve you in many ways with its versatility.

Soft Close Hardware

Keep those beautiful cabinets in good shape for many years with soft close hardware. Never worry about your kids slamming doors. During a busy cooking session, soft close hardware has your back making sure you stay efficient while keeping your plates and bowls safe and sound

Quartz or Granite Countertops

Upgrading your countertops to a quartz or granite will bring a new level of luxury to your space. These hardworking surfaces will become the foundation to your culinary adventures. Stone countertops will bring a timeless beauty into your home.

Customized Lighting

Set the right ambiance with lighting that is completely customizable. Whether you need a bright and airy space for the morning or a dim and romantic setting for the evening, you'll never lack options.

Custom Appliances

Choosing the right appliance package will make or break your cooking experience. You need hardworking and reliable appliances that won't quit. Whether its a built-in fridge or a large gas range, having the right appliance is just as important as having a beautiful kitchen.

A Custom Kitchen Design That Suits Your Style

Are you hesitant to cook in the kitchen, the hub of your Kitchener home? You're not alone. Numerous homeowners contend with kitchens that feel cramped, lack sufficient storage, or feature awkward layouts, detracting from the joy of cooking. However, there's no need to accept a space that fails to inspire joy.


Kitchen renovation presents an ideal chance to turn your kitchen woes into a delightful culinary retreat. Envision a roomier kitchen with a thoughtfully planned layout, abundant storage solutions, and a design tailored to meet your every requirement. Craft a kitchen that evolves into a beloved sanctuary within your home.

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Kitchen Renovation Gallery

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Our Commitment to You

A Partnership Built on Trust and Craftsmanship


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Bacvar Building stands out from the rest for our unmatched attention to detail and quality of materials. We are very selective when it comes to the materials we work with to ensure your new home will be able to stand up to the test of time and will impress all who step foot into the space.


Reliable and Personal

We are committed to our craft and treat every project with the utmost importance. When you work with our team, you will stay in the loop about progress and receive active listening to your input and requests. Our approach to renovations keeps you at the center and caters to your needs and dreams for the space.


Clear Communication

Communication is key when it comes to a successful renovation. We believe in keeping an open line of communication with you throughout the whole process. Keeping you informed and updated on all aspects of the project is our top priority. When surprises come up we work through it with you and offer or professional advice.

Kitchen Renovation Pricing

How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Basic Kitchen

Starting at:



Standard Plumbing Fixtures

Standard Countertops

Stock Cabinets

New Lighting

Basic Flooring


Completed in 3-4 weeks

Mid-Range Kitchen

Starting at:



Semi-Custom Cabinets

Lighting Upgrades

New Quartz Countertops

Upgraded Sink and Faucet

Tile Backsplash

Upgraded Flooring


Completed in 3-5 weeks

High-End Kitchen

Starting at:



Custom Cabinetry

Quartz or Granite Tops

Premium Plumbing Fixtures

Custom Lighting Configuration

Luxury Flooring Selections

Tile Backsplash


Completed in 4-7 weeks

Pricing is based on averages, please contact us for a personalized quote for your space.

JLC (Journal of Light Construction) tracks the average cost of renovation projects and compares them to the ROI. Learn more here!

How Our Kitchen Renovation Service Works

Kitchen Renovation

Schedule A Consultation

Our home renovation process starts with a consultation to learn more about you and your space as well as getting to know your goals with the renovation.

We Will Craft Your New Space

Our professional team of home renovation specialist will carefully craft your new space, with no detail being overlooked.

Enjoy Your New Home

After our team has cleaned up and done a final walkthrough with you to ensure your expectations were met, you can sit back and enjoy your new, beautiful space.

After serving over 150 families in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, we have come to learn how much your home means to you and your family. It's more than just a place to cook or soak, the spaces in your home are where you build relationships and make connections. That's why we believe in being open, honest and transparent from start to finish.

Kitchen Renovation FAQs

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

This is always at the top of the list when it comes to kitchen renovation questions. Kitchens can range greatly in price since there are so many factors, each with varying costs. Most homeowners who are looking to update their kitchen while keeping things simple can expect to invest between $55 000 and $35 000. If you really want to customize the layout and features your new kitchen will have, or just looking to have all of the best finishes you can expect to invest $60 000 or more.

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

Again, this answer will vary depending on your specific kitchen and project details but on average we tell our homeowners that they can expect their new kitchen to be done between 3-7 weeks. The countertops, backsplash, flooring, cabinetry and appliances you select will all affect the timeline of your project. For example, stone and quartz countertops will need to be templated after all of the cabinets are in place. Once they are templated, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to have them installed.

Are there going to be surprises under the floor or behind the walls?

Without seeing your space it's impossible to predict if there will be surprises behind the walls and floors. Usually in kitchens we don't see too many surprises. If we do, they are typically from a leaky drain/faucet or if you live in an older home you may not have insulation in your walls. These can be addressed and are not something you should stress about as we are always willing to work with you to quickly and effectively get things up to snuff!

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