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Ensuite Getaway

This project started as an outdated builders bathroom with an acrylic corner shower and a built-in soaker tub. The clients were looking to create a space that was inviting and relaxing, a place to wash away a long work day and rejuvenate. Check out the details that turned this bathroom into a personal getaway.

Curbless entry shower.

Curbless showers are becoming ever so popular and these homeowners wanted to pull out all the stops so a curbless shower was a must for this bathroom.

Not only does a curbless shower add to the aesthetic appeal, it also adds functionality to the bathroom. Curbless showers allow homeowners to age in place and removes the need to step over cumbersome curbs. A curbless shower also has a very modern and sleek appeal.

Heated Floors Throughout.

Another option this customer opted for was to install in-floor heat throughout the entire floor, including into the shower! A heated floor will keep those bare feet cold all year long. Getting in and out of the soaker tub or even the shower will be more comfortable with a warm floor to keep those feet cozy. Many people don't know that it is possible to also heat the shower pan, as long as it receives the proper waterproofing after the heating cables are installed. These systems can be installed with a programmable thermostat so that you can customize the heating schedule to suit your lifestyle.

Spacious Niche.

We consider a niche essential with any new shower. A niche will give you extra space to keep all of those shampoo bottles organized and off of the shower floor. To really make your bathroom feel like a personal spa, you need to have some organization for your soaps and shampoos. A niche will also bring some unique styling possibilities into your space. Either style it with some accent tiles or make it blend in with matching tiles and a mitered finish.

Stand-alone soaker tub.

The main attraction when it comes to a spa-like bathroom. Everyone needs a place to soak away the work week and escape the busyness of life. A large soaker tub will let your get some much needed rest and relaxation, and give you a reason to buy some more bath bombs. These can also be a great design element to the bathroom and selecting the right tub for your bathroom is just as important as the tile selections and the fixtures. Going for a classy look? Maybe a clawfoot tub will suit your style. Rather have a modern bathroom? Go for a simple and sleek tub like the one installed in this ensuite.

See the video tour here!


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