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How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost in 2024 (Ontario)?

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in the home. They are also one of peoples favourite places to update since it is used so frequently. Who doesn't love a good bathroom transformation, am I right? Although they are typically small in comparison to other spaces in the home, they are one of the most involved and important areas of the home to be renovated.

Bathroom renovations involve work for just about every trade, and can be re-designed, re-configured and put together in so many ways. This makes it hard to answer the question of "how much will a bathroom cost to renovate?". In this article we will break down the 3 most common ways we see bathrooms renovated and their typical associated costs. We will talk about a typical 3 piece bathroom.

JLC (Journal of Light Construction) is a great source for information about residential construction. They track the average costs for popular residential remodeling project every year. Check out their site here . This is for the USA but Canadian pricing follows very closely to this as well.

Budget Friendly

When it comes to a budget friendly bathroom renovation, we typically see a

bathroom that includes a new tub/shower with an acrylic surround or a pvc panel surround, vinyl tile flooring, a new vanity and toilet and fresh trim and paint. Most homeowners that are looking to keep the costs low will be able to spruce up their bathroom but might have to

sacrifice some of the nicer finishes that come with higher price tag. A common way to reduce the cost would be to reuse your existing tub/shower base. If your existing tub is in good condition, you can keep it in place and save the expense of having a plumber install a new one.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom on a budget you can expect to spend anywhere from $30,000-$25,000 on an option like this, depending on material selection and room size.

Mid-Range Bathroom

If you want to step things up a little and like some of the nicer finishes that bathrooms can have then this is the option for you. Most people opt for this style of bathroom when they renovate their home.

These bathrooms will typically include a tiled tub/shower, sometimes with a niche, a tiled floor, new plumbing fixtures, a new vanity, new paint and trim, updated lighting and usually a glass shower door to accent the tiles.

This style of bathroom has plenty of options to choose from and can really be designed

to your liking. The fixtures and finishes are going to be of higher quality and will have a better feel under hand.

Most people tend to go for the glass doors which look great and also clean easier than shower curtains. The vanity options for this bathroom will include nicer hardware and are likely going to be solid wood.

This option best suits the homeowner that wants to enjoy their new bathroom for years to come and don't plan on selling their home in the near future. These bathrooms typically range from $38,000 -$30,000 depending on material selection and room size.

High End Getaway

A bathroom like this is going to be for the homeowner who wants to pull out all of the stops and turn their bathroom into a personal resort getaway. These bathrooms have no limits and can be a great way to invest in your forever home.

Typical options in this bathroom will included a heated floor, electric towel warmers, double vanities, bidets, stand-alone soaker tubs, customized lighting, curbless showers with rainfall and body sprayers, custom glass surrounds and much more. These bathrooms take a lot of planning and a skilled team to deliver.

Most homeowners that want to complete a bathroom renovation like this should expect to invest $40,000 - $60,000 or more. There is no limit to how many features you can put in a bathroom like this.

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