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How Much is a Shower Renovation (Ontario 2024)

Your shower is one of the most used spaces in your home! Especially if you have a couple children in the mix! With between 2 and 5 people using the shower everyday, it's bound to take some abuse and start showing signs of wear and tear eventually! But what can you do about it? And how much will it cost?

In this post, we will go through the options you have and their respective costs! Keep in mind these prices and products are based on how our company operates and the fact we are based in Ontario, Canada.

Here are a few ways you can renovate your shower!

Wetwall is a panelized shower surround system that can be installed directly over your existing tile surround or can be installed over a backboard like drywall or cement board. This is the entry level version of a shower renovation since it doesn't require demo in most cases, and can be completed in 1-2 days. Typically, this type of remodel would include updating the shower faucet and valve, as well as supplying and installing the Wetwall System, and a new shower curtain rod. This approach to a shower renovation is very cost effective and has a low impact on your living situation during the renovation since it can be completed in about 1-2 days. A shower renovation like this will typically start around $6,000. You can always opt for a glass shower door if you don't like curtain rods but this will add about $1600 to the total cost.

Cost effective shower renovation
Wetwall shower

2. Mid-Range Tile Shower Renovation

Tile Shower Cost
Mid-Range Tile Shower

Another approach to updating your shower is to go with a full tile shower. This is what most people want when they plan on living in their home for at least 5 more years and also want to invest in their home and their lifestyle. This will typically include a full gut of the existing shower stall, installing a new tile shower and a custom glass door. It starts by bringing it back to the studs to ensure that there is no existing damage and ensuring the walls are plumb and flat. After demolition, a waterproofing system will be installed, we always use the Wedi system but you can also use a membrane system like Schluter Kerdi. After waterproofing comes tile installation, and once all the tiling is complete, the glass contractor will come in and do their final measurements before they order the glass. After they have measured it can take between 2-3 weeks before they can come back to install the glass door. A good add-on is to include a recessed niche for storage! Typically a shower renovation like this will start around $17,000, additional features like niches, curbless entries and heated floors would be in addition to that.

3. Luxurious Shower Renovation

This kind of shower would be for those who want all of the bells and whistles! There are endless ways to customize your spa-like shower from curbless entry, heated floors and benches, lighted niches and steam functionality. There really is no 'typical' when it comes to these showers! Most of these luxurious features are very involved when it comes to the installation of them, especially if you want them done well. This does however increase the cost significantly. The steam system alone can cost upwards of $3000 without installation. Special vapour-proof systems need to be installed as well to ensure the longevity of your steam shower. If you were looking for a curbless shower with custom lighted niches and a steam function you can expect to invest at least $30,000 or more.

Delta Steam Shower
Steam Shower With Curb

All-in-all a shower renovation is one that will bring ease and comfort to your daily routines and will pay dividends in the long run when you aren't fighting with a sticky valve, or worried about a leaky faucet. On average you can expect to invest a minimum of $6,000 to renovate your shower but you can also take it up a notch and invest closer to $30,000 if you want the ultra-luxurious shower.


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